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Introduction: Key Organizer

I am refining some project, one of them is the key organizer.

I try to make it extremely simply and durable, I had tested it for few months and here is the results.

The dimension

The dimension of the key organizer is compact and hold 9 different size of keys, 1 USB flash memory and some selected army knife components.

How to make it

Just buy two pieces of metal sheets and select desire length of M3 screw, u need some washers and some nylon nuts.

The Army knife

I have a small army knife which come as free gift with wine. I dissemble it and select three commonly use functions, ie. a knife, scissors, screwdriver, nail file.

Since it is a small knife, I use M2 screw and secure it on a piece of plastic sheet, I think it is the least work force u need to do.

Buy a nylon Pocket

Last but not least, I brought a small pocket which originally design for army knife. So, I can now carry it on my belt.


Try to use stainless steel M3 crew to prevent rusting.

and, u can add anythings u want to this key organizer.

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