Have you been wondering what to do with some broken small parts, that you keep saving somewhere, waiting for the moment you need them...

Step 1: Materials

For this fun experiment you'll need mainly some pencils and sugru in different colours.

Don't forget the small parts mentioned - here I used a broken zipper ;)

You might also find useful some modelling tools and a board.

You could try out your ideas with a modelling clay first and then continue with the sugru. :)


For the final result you might also need a key-ring, or a bit of a copper wire.

Step 2: Combining

For this key-chain experiment I used blue sugru to reuse a piece from a broken zipper, connecting it to a smaller pencil.

Let your imagination flow and play around with the sugru forms. I did something like a spiral. :)

Step 3: Finishing Touch

For this final step you only need to connect your remodeled pencil to a key ring or the like.

You can try it out on your keys now! :)



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