Key Keg Terrarium

A simple terrarium for Fasmide Insects from a used Key Keg takes from trash

Step 1: The Material

- key keg

- 10cmX10cm of pine wood

- four screw

- a little tree branch

In order to re use objects that normally are lost I take from junk this "key keg" normally used to spill wine in wine bar (in Italy)

!!!! may use caution !!! to drill a little hole because it is charge with CO2 4Bar

then is possible cut the large opening with dremel .

Step 2: Realization

We must cut the plastic ball after drilling a little (3mm ø) we must discharge 4Bar of CO2 without damage

Now we cut the ball with the Dremel and then fix the ball on the wooden table and then fix the branch on the same wood.



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    1 year ago

    I wish we had those old keykegs on Guam! Nice idea for vignettes and terrariums. Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply