Introduction: KeyKeriki_v2.0_2.4GHz



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    It's spam because it appears that you are trying to sell this. Here's why I believe this:
    1. You are showcasing the device, but don't show how to make it.
    2. Your email is plastered all over the video and the instructable, as if you want people to email you if they want to buy it.
    3. You make no mention of what parts you used, or where to get parts for it.

    If your intention is not to sell it, then kindly show us how to make it. It's a good idea (although it can be used for the wrong reasons... But I'm not going to argue about that), but without buying it from you, it seems that we can't make it. Correct me if I'm wrong, and show how to make it without buying anything from you, and I will be happy to admit I was wrong, make an apology, and remove my comment.

    Seems to be spam, and I can almost guarantee that he doesn't have the rights to the music...... FLAG!