Keyboard Centipede




Introduction: Keyboard Centipede

This creepy little guy is an easy way to "recycle" your old keyboard into an effective magnet.

Step 1: Parts and Materials


1) An Old Keyboard
2) A Magnet


1) Super Glue
2) A Saw
3) Pliers or Wire Cutters
4) A Solder Remover (if you have one)

Step 2: Strip the Keyboard

Use either the solder remover or your wire cutters to take off the parts you'll need.
The parts are:

A Resister
The PCB Board
The IC Box (Thanks to Cyrozap for that)

Step 3: Make the Bug Base

Attach the box, LED, and resister together with super glue. It should look like this:

Step 4: Make the Shell

Cut a piece of the PCB board with the saw. It should fit over the base. Glue it on with some super glue.

Step 5: Add the Magnet

Turn the Centipede over. Insert your magnet into the cavity of the wires.

Step 6: Terrorize the Villagers

Let the glue dry and stick your now fearsome robot bug onto the fridge. Sit back and watch the people run in terror



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    5 Discussions

    yep... just put the bug on upside down and it would look like a firefly on the wall in the dark

    Thanks! The only problem is the LED from the keyboard is really small.

    The "Box" is called an IC. Look it up on Wikipedia.

    I'm really bad with electronics, so if you find a way to make his eye light up, let me know, or just post pictures, either one.