Keyboard Fridge Magnets

Introduction: Keyboard Fridge Magnets

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Spill coffee on your keyboard or recently upgrade?  Pump new life into those keys by transforming them into alphabet magnets for your fridge.  *Word of Warning* - these magnets are prone to backfire as others may use them to create chore lists or aim snarky messages at you!


Broken/Spare Keyboards:  I would recommend finding at least 2, maybe a 3rd to break down for extra vowels to use.  Its amazing how gross these things can get...I consider myself a filthy filthy human being after examining the underbelly of my keyboards!

Magnets:  found a 50 pack at Michaels for a couple bucks - they are about the size of dimes

Glue Gun + Glue Sticks - I used about 2 small glue sticks, it didn't take much

Flathead Screwdriver (use as pry bar) - you could really use anything for this..its not a gentle or careful process by any means

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Step 1: Pry Out the Keys

This should be quick and easy - just manhandle those puppies out of the keyboard with your pry device - they pop right out.  After your first keyboard disassemble, see how fast you can do the second....its actually quite fun.  I would post my time if I had thought to whip out my stopwatch. Oh well.

Step 2: Glue the Magnets to the Keys

Now its time to do the glue.  I would say about a pea-sized  drop of glue is fine.  Glue - Smash Together - Repeat 50 times...or however many.

The shape of the keys actually works very nice because it captures the little glob of glue in its empty under-chamber.  It allows them to adhere very well and give them a solid feeling when moving them around the fridge.

Step 3: Commence the Tom-foolery

Time to test your keys out!  Come up with witty sayings to spar with your significant other or make a grocery list.  Your only limit is the keys!

Keep in mind you can do things like flip Ms and Ws, use Zs instead of Ss, use Is for Ls, etc.  Also, you can spell things out scrabble style to utitlize the same letter twice, plus it looks neat!

It really makes you appreciate the speed at which our fingers can takes forever to spell out instructables with these babies, theres so many letters...not to mention they get mixed up and you have to use the good old Hunt N' Peck system!

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