Keyboard Initial Bracelet




A keyboard to destroy for a contest.  One of 3 kicking around the basement.  

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Step 1: The Wrist Band

Multi core cabling provides plenty of length and colors to work with.  I ditched the gray and braided the red, yellow, and brown together.

Step 2: Key Prep

Grind of the post on the bottom of the key so that it lays flat on your wrist and drill holes in each side of the key to thread the wires through.

Step 3: Check It Out

Braid the wires on the other side of the key and measure for length.  I actually braided too much and had to trim it back later.

Step 4: Clasp

Make a clasp from the internal keyboard cable connector. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like that you used all computer parts to make the bracelet, including the cables and clasp!