Keyboard / Mouse Stand and Lap Mat

Introduction: Keyboard / Mouse Stand and Lap Mat

I just got a new wireless keyboard and was looking around for some sort of a raised keyboard and mouse lap mat type thingy. I decided instead to make one... works really well so far! It's light and very Earth friendly, made completely from "trash." There are also some extra features; read on...

Here is the completed stand:

Step 1: Get Materials

You'll need:
-some sort of styrofoam packaging or box as the stand
-the original keyboard box as the platform
-artwork (old art flyers, magazines, comics, etc)

Step 2: Attach Stand to Platform Using Rubberbands

Step 3: Attach Keyboard Using Rubberbands

Step 4: Decorate Under Rubberbands, Add Optional Mouse Pad

I used the manual for my new motherboard as the mouse pad.

Step 5: Hidden Features:

-Mouse pad allows for easy cleaning (just tear off topmost page and there is a fresh mouse pad!)

-Mouse pad allows for quick notetaking (just use the mouse pad as a notepad and tear off
topmost page and there is a note!)

-Side of keyboard box acts as a mouse holder!

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