Keyboard PenPot

Introduction: Keyboard PenPot

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Okay For this project we are going to Need

1 x Old Keyboard

1 x Hot Glue Gun

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Step 1: Stripping It Down

Now We need to Open The Keyboard

You need to unscrew all the screws inside your should find a Gell sheet like this

Step 2: And a Keyboard Button Sheet Like This

I lost a few of my keys but I had Plenty

Now We need to take all these keys off And put them to the side

Plug your hot glue gun in and wait for it to warm up

Step 3: Finishing Steps

Next You Want To Glue The Keys Around the put If you run out dont worry We have a clever little thing to do with the USB cable

Step 4: If You Run Out Dont Worry

If you run out of keys its fine Using the USB cable from the keyboard your going to cut the ends off and then Hot Glue The First end down wrap it round the missing area then secure with more hot glue

And then you have a simple little keyboard pen pot

I will be making a Lamp using the Gel Sheet So Dont throw that Away

Hope you enjoyed this quick little project

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks so cool! Using keys as tiles is a great idea!