Keyboard Shortcuts for Notepad!!

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This Instructable will show you some useful keyboard shortcuts for notepad

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Step 1: Keyboard Shortcuts : Part 1

1. Ctrl +O

  • Open a previously saved note

2. Ctrl + S

  • Save/Save As

3. Ctrl + N

  • Open a New Blank Page

4. Ctrl + P

  • Open Print

5. Ctrl + Z

  • Undo

6. Ctrl + X

  • Cut

7. Ctrl + V

  • Paste

8. Ctrl + C

  • Copy

9. Ctrl + F

  • Open Find

- Allows you to search for a certain word/words in your note

- Type in the word/words you are looking for and Click on Find Next

10. Ctrl + H

  • Open Replace

- Allows you to replace a word/words in your note with another word/words

- Type the word/words you want to replace in Find what :

- Type the word/words you want to replace that word with in Replace with :

- Click Find Next to highlight the word/words you would like to replace

- Click Roeplace to change the word/words

Step 2: Keyboard Shortcuts : Part 2

11. Ctrl + A

  • Select All

12. F5 or Fn + F5

  • Insert the Date and Time

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