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It's time to get formal and why not combine it with some ouside the box thinking. Why should the old keyboard just stay in a drawer that isn't going to be opened soon.This is the idea i came up with.

Step 1: Collecting the Parts

I am sure that many of you opened a keyboard atleast once. In this case even opening wasn't necessary. All i needed was a screwdriver and 5 minutes of my precious time. The buttons are easily deattached with just a little push with the screwdriver.

Step 2: Shaping the Tie

I used a real tie to make a proper shape and i think that after a few reshapes i made a decent tie. I used the bigger keys like CTRL,  ALT  and TAB to make the shrinking back side of the tie. i took me some time to make it good but i think it worth the time.

Step 3: Everything Else

After i reached perfection i used clear tape to keep the shape while turning and glueing it. I used thin piece of plastic to to hold the keys together. It is flexible as well so it wont brake when twisted. I cut a proper shaped piece. Than i glued the keys the same way i stuck them to the tape. I kept the ENTER key last so i can use it as a knot. At the end i attached a piece of sling to make the tie complete. As you can see on the intro picture i added two keys to hide the sling where isn't under the collar.

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