Keyboard Tip Trick Add a Little Dazzle to Your Frazzle

Introduction: Keyboard Tip Trick Add a Little Dazzle to Your Frazzle

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This trick tip will help to put an end to the frazzle.  
A quick and easy way to add some flare, some dazzle.
What you need is a bead, one side is sticky.
Any size, any shape no need to be picky.  
Clean the keys real good and remove all the icky.
The sticky can be a little tricky, take the time, do it right, soon you see, an end to your fight.

The key to this tip, the bead needs to stick.

I found these keys being the ones I continually missed, having to hunt and peck for... adding the beads was just enough feedback.
This has improved my hand and finger position and most of all keystroke accuracy.  

I remembered  the basics from typing class. The "Home-Row" being the point of reference.  My fingers don't fit on a key board or the home -row. "One size fits all" doesn't apply to keyboards.  I made my own Home-Row where my hands and fingers position were comfortable, the keys I choose have worked for me.

I listed each row on the key board 1 thru 6  /  I added beads to 10 keys - The keys are listed for each row

   1st row:  "F KEYS" - NONE 

   2nd row: 2-@  /  0-)  /  Delete

   3rd row: Tab

   4th row: J  /  Return-Enter

  5th row:  . / > 

  6th row:  Command  /  ^- Arrow

Focus on being comfortable, everyone is different, take note to the your keystroke mistakes, because this is the end no more mistakes!  
These keys are what I see as your Personal-Row. 

* Go with the flow... typing isn't easy, it takes practice, focus on the habits you have,  to improve your skills.
* It's important to knowing the fundamentals, seating, posture, hand and finger position...

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    3 Discussions

    Dream Dragon
    Dream Dragon

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Many keyboards already have tactile indicators on "F" and "J" and also on "5" on the number pad too.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You are correct.

    The keys I used the most were my feedback keys:
    "2/@, delete, Directional Arrows, <,^ , and the 0 )."
    These work for me, and imagine it would be different for everyone.
    The basic idea is a quick way to reference, needing less visual confirmation, making it easier to navigate to the neighboring keys.

    Where there's Sparkle there will be Flare!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Dream Dragon
    Dream Dragon

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Though of course it's nice to add a little sparkle.