Keyboard Holder for Computer

Introduction: Keyboard Holder for Computer

Everytime i'm working on my worktable (where also my computer is) the keyboard gets in my way. So i was thinking where to put the keyboard when i don't need it. And then something great happened...i got an idea! Follow me trough these step and make this great space saver.

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Step 1: What Do I Need?

- Wood (i used MDF...cause it's my favorite)
- Furniture magnets
- Bolts and nuts (i used M3)
- Super glue/ Second glue

- A saw (i used my bench saw)
- A ruler
- A drill (same thickness as your bolts)
- A screwdriver
- Pliers

Step 2: Measuring Is Knowing

-Measure the dimensions of your keyboard and add a little bit of space. (So you don't have to knock your keyboard in the holder)

-Draw the lines on the wood
If you use a benchsaw than pay attention to the thickness of your saw! So don't draw two pieces next to each other!

- Remember that the underside of to be smaller than the back panel.
(Width of the backpanel minus two times the thickness of the wood you use)
See the photo to see why.

Step 3: I Saw Something Over There!

Okay...bad joke.

- Now start sawing the pieces out
If you know how to use a saw than i don't have to say much more in this step.

Ow yeah...use some glasses and don't put your fingers under the saw!
Thank me later.

Step 4: Glue Time

If you have all the pieces then glue them on the right place on the back panel.
One left.
One right
One on the underside

Step 5: Drill and Mount the Magnets.

Now i mounted 2 magnets on each side in the middle.
You can mount more if you want to but these are pretty strong so i only needed two.
I just holded the magnets against the wood and started drilling trough the magnets bolt holes into the wood.
But if you want to do it like a pro than measure it or use a pencil.

Step 6: Done

Now just push your holder against the metal side of your computer and put your keyboard in.
Have fun with the place you saved now! :p

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    4 years ago

    Such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Tom De prins
    Tom De prins

    Reply 4 years ago

    I'm glad you like it! Thanks :)