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Introduction: Keycahin Camera Mount

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This is a Keychain Camera that I recently Purchased of eBay.. I bought it for it's Cheapness, and as I wanted to experiment with it, and also take a few videos during my rides, in the twisty mountain roads.

The First video I took with this camera was with it mounted on the tank, on a small padding made of Shirt Packaging Foam sheet.. It gave a pretty decent and wobble free video, but was only a temporary mount.

I then thought of a different and more thick mount method for a better option.


25mm thick Duct Insulation Foam (Black)(I got this from a Scrap Pile at one of our Project Sites)
Thin Foam Sheet (White)(I got this stashed inside a New Shirt, which was used to give the Shirt a Firm Body in the Packet)
A lot of Sticky Tape

A Cutter.. (Use caution, and presence of Mind, as these things are sharp.. )

Step 1: How It's Made.. :D

I the First Image (Hand Drawn) you will find the General layout of the Thick Foam Insulation Cutout..

Basically I didn't take any photos while making it, as it was a Trial basis which turned out to be pretty fine as a final product, and also I was enjoying my Sunday Movie, and was making this during the commercial breaks..

#1- First I traced the Outline of the Camera onto the Center of the Foam Block.

#2- Add a Notch to the Rear side of the camera, which will work as a Press fit gate while fitting the Camera in.

#3- Add a Tapered Window to the Front to make sure that the Camera Lens gets a decent view all around.

#4- Cut Straight Downwards, but ONLY to the Depth of the camera (A Little shorter will also do)..

#5- Cut out the Flat Base of the Foam

#6- Cover the Entire Block in the White thin Foam Sheet, leaving the Front and the Rear of the Block open to easily put in and pull out the camera, and for the camera to look forward.

#7- Go crazy with the Sticky Tape, and bind it all together nicely, so the sheet and the block do not move in relation to eachother.

#8- Insert the camera, and then cut a small window to allow for button operations.. I didn't cut out a window for the LED indicator, as it was visible through the thin sheet.

#9- I then used a small scrap piece of sheet to cover the Mic portion to partially block the Wind Blast Noise... More Sticky tape..

#10- Voila.. the Camera is ready for Action.

Step 2: Links and Videos.

The Camera i got was from eBay.. the Link is Below.. camera&_nkw=keychain camera&_sacat=0&_from=R40

Some Videos..

#1- This is the video without the Insulation Mount.. mainly mounted on the tank with a small sheet patch to soften the vibrations..

#2- This is with the Block insulation Mount.. Positioned on the Left RVM Mount. and Held down with Sticky Tape..

#3- and this again with the Insulation Block mount, mounted on the Left Front Indicator.. Tied down again with man's Best Invention till date... the STICKY TAPE...
I dont suggest you use this position, especially with a camera, without a viewfinder, coz, you have no idea, where it's targeted, and also the rubber mount transferred a lot of it's own vibrations to the camera..

For a Very neat Preview of the DVK808 camera I used the guidance of Techmoan.. One Decent Guy, and am now going thru his entire playlist to decide in the best (and cheapest) action camera to buy...

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