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Introduction: Keychain Holder

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Hi All,

In this instructable, I will share how to make a house shaped keychain holder. This is a small project for weekend, based on tools and skills, one can finish this im couple of hours

I made this using an old wooden flooring. It is called wooden flooring, but it is made from MDF, with wood texture laminate....

Which makes this project easy to make and finish..

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Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- Wooden floor or plank 10mm thick
- 4 hooks
- Hanging ears
- Bamboo Skewer
- Screws
- Paper template

- Drill machine
- Jigsaw
- Sand paper
- Wood polish

Step 2: Paper Template

We need a reference template for our design. One can choose from internet and take a print or do a free hand design ...

- Based on the width of the wooden plank, scale and draw your own house design or use mine
- Cut the paper template
- Remove door and window as shown

Tip: if you are an amateur like me, choose a simple pattern

Step 3: Cutting

- Stick the paper template on the wooden plank
- Draw outline using a thin permanent marker
- Remove paper template
- Drill holes at the opposite corners of window and door
- I drilled one hole too close to the edge, so I drilled another on the other corner too
- Using Jigsaw cut the outline as shown

- Drill holes at every corner, this make it easy to cut
- First cut smaller section like windows, doors and chimney,, then move to outter edges
- Many times paper template comes out during cutting, hence using permanent marker as reference outline

Step 4: Window

I knew, that it was not easy to cut 4 square holes for window, hence I have one large window in my template and tha i could add later...

We will use two pieces of bamboo skewer to make our window

The pieces are slightly bigger than the lenght of the window, to fit, tight inside the window.
Use pva glue to secure them...

Step 5: Hooks

- Drill 2mm holes for the hooks
- Tighten the hooks in place

Step 6: Hanging Ears

- Drill holes for the hanging ears as shown
- Secure the hanging ears using screws
- Make sure that the screws are short and they do not come out on the other side
- Normally I would cut the screws length and I make pilot holes of 5 Mm deep

Step 7: Finishing

- Sand all side edges using 80, 150 and then 220 grit sand papers
- Cut the hooks length, it their length is larger than wood plank's thickness
- Using wood neutral polish, coat all edges of the wooden plank

Finally hang it on a wall and use it as a keychain stand / holder

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    4 Discussions

    Kink Jarfold
    Kink Jarfold

    1 year ago on Step 7

    Hi, Amit,

    I'm with Penolopy on the cross hatch in the window. It adds a bit of pizazz to the key holder. Nicely done. Everyone needs one of these. We use something on the back of the garage door for coats, umbrellas and keys.



    Reply 1 year ago

    I like the cats, thanks for sharing...

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    I love that you added the skewers for the window. It's a great touch :)


    Reply 1 year ago