Keychain Tools - Pocket Wrench II Modification (Skrench & Cruci-fix)




(Sorry, this is my first post. I guess I need to be a little more instructional in my submissions)

From the pocketwrench II purchased from Lee Valley, I was able to create two new modified tools. One I call the Skrench (Keychain Tool Pictured on the Right Below). This small keychain tool is able to not only turn nuts, but also screw and pry. The second one I call the Cruci-fix (3rd and 4th Picture), again able to screw and pry, but also able to hold a philips bit as shown.

I created the pieces using a High alloy hacksaw blade, drilled the piece using tungsten carbide drill bits, and used a motorized grinding wheel for stock removal. I finished both of the pieces off by using a Chicago brand tumbler with rocks and grit for 3-4 days.

Step 1:

Photo 2 - Skrench

Step 2:

Photo 3 - Cruci-fix

Step 3:

Photo 4 - Cruci-fix



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I think on my next project I will take pics along the way. Even a picture of my workshop. I would have loved to known about this website when I started building small keychain tools. This place rocks!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good job (and clever names). We could use a little more detail tho, so we could duplicate this. Also, this does lose the measurement capability of the original tool. Maybe on the cruci-fix you could engrave some lines?