Keychain 808 Spy Camera With PIR Motion Detector Controlled by Arduino Chip




Introduction: Keychain 808 Spy Camera With PIR Motion Detector Controlled by Arduino Chip

About: I am a researcher working on development of optical atomic clocks. Electronics is my hobby since childhood when my uncle was bringing me old phones to play and take apart.

This project describes how to automatically take photos with 1024x768 pixel resolution
using a miniature Model #3 808 keychain spycam with 8GB microSD card
triggered by a PIR motion detector
and steered by Arduino chip.

After issuing signals to camera buttons, Arduino chip is put into power-down mode waiting for the next interrupt to come from the PIR detector. Power consumption in power down-mode is 0.4 mA from a single LiPo cell. 

Please see detailed description in the pdf file.

Example video from snapshots:



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    Hi everyone,

    One could also use, it runs on the Raspberry Pi and it's also open source.

    Maybe someone here knows the answer to this: I have this cam, the 808 #16, the battery has long since died, now, id like to use this camera on my tiny little quad copter, but I want to make it turn on and get its power from the quads on board LIPO battery. Now, the battery in the camera was, I believe, a 3.7 volt Lipo. the battery on my quad is an 11.7 volt, 2200Mah 25C 3S1P. so I cant plug directly into it without frying the camera. someone told me that I could power it with 5V via the usb port but not the wires that used to go to the battery. with that said, I have to cut the end off a mini usb and wire it to my 5V bec on my flight control board. the usb has 4 wires, a red, white, black, green and white, red and black are the pos and neg and the green and white are some sort of data wires. do I just not use those two or attach them to the neg and pos. wires? that's where im confused.thanks!

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    i brought a key spy cam... but its not working.... i checked that if m connecting it to my laptop for charging the orange light is glowing..but its not getting on..shall i ve to change the battery???? which battery i should use sir??


    I Have converted this code for use on an Attiny13 the smaller chip should take less power and can be installed "dead bug" style onto the 808 camera! I have not tested the code yet I only found this Instructable about an hour ago if it all goes well Then i may do my first Instructable detailing it!

    Hello again,

    I am busy with the 808 time lapse setup.
    I used a zenerdiode 2.2V and a 10K resistor connected to the output of the arduino. (twice) to get the 3.3V. (ok it is 2.8V)
    Switching the 808 on and off works. But I can't get the mode button working. I noticed in your schematic that you use a different circuit for the mode button with a potmeter and a diode. Why is that?
    Or was it just trial-and-error?

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    Hi! Good to hear from you.
    For taking a picture, it did not work for me directly from Arduino like you tell. Then I measured the voltage on the picture taking button, when it was pressed and it was smaller, ca 2V. I do not know why. So I used a potentiometer to trim Arduino output to the necessary voltage, And then it worked fine.

    I am already experimenting. It is a good idea to use a diode for decoupling. It seems that the voltage on the wire when the button is not pressed matters. If I just put the 'mode' wire to 3.3 V and than let it loose, it's working. But attached to 0 Volt it does'n. I will try to use diodes and if that doesn't work I will use a transistor. And if that doesn't work I will use analogswitches (e.g. 74LS4066)

    To be continued.

    p.s. I am pretty sure I have a 808 type14.

    I just bought 2 additional camera's. Via ebay I found out they only cost like 5 euro's. My 808 are of tyoe #14. Yesterday I soldered the 3 wires. Powerbutton, Modebutton and Ground. With a resitor and zenerdiode I am going to trigger the 808 from the Arduino with the 3.3V required. I also want to remove the battery from the 808 and use 1 powersource for the Arduino and 808.


    Real nice project Well documented. I bought a 808 as well. I want to make a timelapse system which is small and cheap and your information is very usefull.
    First thing I need to do is open the camera case and solder the wires. I do have some Arduino's and finisihed a couple of project already including a timelapse systeem which my digital camera triggered with servo's.
    I am going to check the schematic of the 808 to see where the buttons are connected. Maybe I find a better alternative than your potmeter, diode construction. Although, your way seems to be simple and effective as wel.An low on power consumtion,

    Jan Willem (the Netherlands)

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    There is a thread on repeating this camera

    BTW Do you really use the jig? Can you share some of your results and pictures? I am aware of the limited quality of the 808 pictures.

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    You are right,
    jpg quality is worse than the video quality.
    Jpg is probaly 640 x 480. It is a pitty.

    As next thing will try to add some IR LEDs to make illumination in the dark.

    After operating camera for some time noticed that as more and more files are accumulated the longer needs to be delay after switching on. It means that it takes time for camera to count files. At 700 pictures delay is 2.5 s.