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Introduction: Keyloggers : Know It All

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Hello, In this instructable we are going to learn about keyloggers, mainly to resist them and monitor our PCs.

"Keylogger", as the name suggests it's an application installed in a PC or mobile to record all user activities and data. These activities may include tons of user information and includes keystrokes to screen-sots and even screen or microphone recording. But, there are various plus points about using keyloggers. You can use it to monitor your PC behind you, Log your kid activities and so on depends what you want it to do.

Please do not use any of the informations provided here to log anyone's private data or for any illegal activities. This instructable is just for providing information about keylogger and to protect yourself from hacking threats.

Step 1: Let's Know About Some Keyloggers.

The best way to know about something is to work with it or use it.

I found a number of keylogger applications on the internet but, the question is do they all work? Well I have sorted five best among them (As per my own experience using them). Well some of the best ones(Free editions) includes:

(1) Ardamax

(2) Emissary

(3) Refog

(4) Revailer

(5) KidLogger

In this instructable we would be using Ardamax keylogger to monitor our PC.
Use this link to download Ardamax keylogger. If you are going to use it for learning purposes it doesn't requires any purchases for using All features(except REMOTE Installation feature used mostly for installing in stealth mode).

Step 2: Installing the Keylogger.

Simply install the Ardamax.exe application which you have just downloaded.

Now right click on the Ardamax icon in the taskbar and click on options optimise the application according to your need, You can even deliver your logs to your e-mail or your FTP (Well that depends on you) further you can add security password to keylogger application to avoid any unauthorised access to your logs.

Well it's very easy to setup the ardamax keylogger for monitoring as it's really user friendly.

Step 3: The Remote Installation.

Ardamax keylogger even provides an option to create an auto installing package that installs immediately once anyone starts the application.

In real hacking situation hackers use these type of auto-installing packages binded or crypted with other programs or multimedia when people try to access those infected files the keylogger application installs silently.

Step 4: Defending Remote Installation of Keyloggers on Your PC.

The best way to defend the installation of keyloggers on your PC is to use trusted and authentic sources for downloading and installing softwares.

What if you have doubt about a particular file of being binded with keylogger or RAT? Most of the threats are caught by Antivirus softwares but some of the excellent keylogger aren't detected by antivirus applications. To open or install such doubtful software try using Virtual box or use SandBoxie to install them.

Step 5: Use Virtual Box

Virtual allows you to create a virtual PC, in your PC you can then install any operating system on the virtual box just like a PC depending on your need. And yes, then you can finally run any suspicious program on it.

Step 6: Use Sandboxie

For me, I think setting up virtual box just for testing an application seems a bit lengthy.

Well there's an alternative application for testing or better we say using suspicious applications.And that is sandboxie(download here), Sandboxie allows you to run any software that you don't trust, Sandboxie is not free however if you don't even purchase sandboxie you can use all it's features for free, you just need to wait for 5 seconds before running applications using sandboxie(If you are using a trial version of sandboxie). It's really simple to use sandboxie just drag and drop any application to sandboxie and the application runs normally but ofcourse safely. Here's how it works, sandboxie creates folders in it's installation location and those folders acts as virtual drives for the application that you are running through sandboxie and hence, it limits the access of suspicious applications to your personal data also it limits the application to modify any data permanently on your PC.

So, these were some really simple but, very effective ways to prevent keyloggers that I found and used.

Thanks for reading.

Please don't use any of the information provided here for illegal activities.

Further questions and suggestions are welcome.



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    As my experience shows, keyloggers can be used for protective purposes. To protect my pc and know what is going on when I'm away from it, I installed an invisible soft on it It works absolutely great for me!