Introduction: Keytar

I'm in the process of building a keytar, I will keep adding photos as it gets completed, then make an instructable when I'm finished!



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    how does the touch expression controller work i was wondering if i can salvage an old phone and make it like an app with bluetooth.

     I regret to inform you this project has been abandoned due to my need for my midi controller back, and lack of funding.

    Hopefully I can pick this up someday.

    If anybody else does something like this, send us some pictures!

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    check this guy out on youtube he maks a miid device using 3 dollar atmega 328p and 1 female 5 pin dinn from ebay 1 dollar I am going to make it too.

    I'm sorry about that, my house isn't good for taking pictures. Everything is very reflective, so I can't turn the flash on.

    There will be an instructable once I'm finished, or nearly finished with the project. Things with school got pretty hectic for awhile, and the project was put on hold. But now that it's summer, I should pick it right back in a week or two!

    WTF means "What the f*ck?" This is why I have no idea why CaseyCase said it. Is there a problem with my project?