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For the Indian Cuisine Contest, I googled "what are some of Indian food". It came up a list of Indian food with pictures. Being not able to taste them over internet, color and shape of khandvi caught my eyes. After a brief study and research, I decided to make this Indian food and document the process and result.

■1/3 cup Gram Flour
■1/3 Yogurt (sour would be better)
■1 cup water
■1” (approx.. when chopped aprrox. ½ tsp – ¾ tsp) Ginger peeled
■2-3 Green Chilies (adjust to taste or omit if you don’t want it spicy. I didn't use it since my child can't stand the heat)
■1 tsp lime Juice (opt. if yogurt not sour)
■¾ tsp – 1 tsp Salt (adjust to taste)
■½ tsp Turmeric

■¾ – 1 tsp Oil
■¼ tsp Mustard Seeds
■¼ tsp Sesame Seeds
■1 tsp cilantro, chopped 
■2 Curry Leaves (I didn't use it)
■2 Green Chilies chopped (I didn't use it since my child can't stand the heat)

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Step 1: Make the Batter

■Grind ginger to paste.
■Mix ground ginger paste, salt, turmeric and gram flour  in a bowl.
■ In a separate bowl whisk the yogurt.   Add lime juice, water to it and continue whisking it to make buttermilk. Add this buttermilk to flour and mix it using a whisk. Make sure there are no lumps in the flour buttermilk mixture.

Step 2: Cook the Batter

■In a skillet over medium heat, add the flour mixture. Stir the mixture continueously to avoid formation of lumps. Stirring it continuously, cook for about 3 - 5 minutes. By now the mixture will come together and look bright and shiny.

Step 3: Spread the Cooked Batter

Pour the cooked batter on baking sheet. I used only one, the resultant Khandvi was thicker than the pictures on internet look. So you may use 2 baking sheet. 
Spread it out thinly.  
Set it out to cool. 
After several minutes, peel the khandvi sheet off the baking sheet and roll it into a roll. 

Step 4: Seasoning and Serve

Cut the roll into 2 inch pieces. Display them in a serving plate.
In a skillet or pan heat the oil for tempering. Add mustard seeds and when they start spluttering, add sesame seeds, then curry leaves (if you use) and green chilies (if you use).  Turn off the heat.  Pour this over the khandvi, sprinkle chopped cilantro for flavor and as garnish and serve.

I have never had Khandvi before. So I can't compare my creation to a previous experience. But I can say the fried mustard seeds, sesame seeds and cilantro can turn a strongly cultural flavored food into anybody's favorite. I don't think I have used mustard seeds or in such a way before. The best thing I got out of this Indian cuisine adventure is finding mustard seeds. I know I'll use it in some foods I regularly make and try it in new foods too. I'm totally impressed by the wonderful flavor of fried mustard giving to food. 

I'm no Indian. So if you have a tip for me, feel free to let me know. If you like it,  vote it for the Indian Cuisine Contest.  

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good. If you would like to try something else easy, with similar spices, try aloo matar (potatoes and peas). Yummy!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The end product is a pretty picture. I never would have thought of cooking the batter and then pouring it out. I'm amazed it worked! The picture looks like it is a sweet but it is a savory. Looks very interesting!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This looks awesome ! One thing i would like to point is thinner the layer more can be the rotations, resulting in more cylindrical sturdy shapes.

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Agree. The other factor is I cut it into pieces after rolling. A lot others cut the whole sheet into strips and then roll them. I don't want to score my baking sheet with knife.

    Thank you! So far cooking is the only thing I sticked to in my life. It seems there are endless foods to create.


    6 years ago

    The pictures look great! Try some shredded coconut (unsweetened, and not dried - you'll find it in the frozen section in an Indian store) in addition to the fried mustard.

    1 reply