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Introduction: Kick Scooter

Hi just one of my many projects, as my daughter much prefers scooter's over bike's and being unable to afford or find a larger Scooter i raided my shed and local scrap yard for a combination of old bikes and trampoline tubing and decided to have ago at building her one but seem to have got a little carried away as we all have one now, so different from my last project in wood but just as much fun, think the hardest part of the build was lining everything up. will post more detail's when i work this out, not hot on PC's



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You know you could build a business out of it, just learn frame jigging and patent your design

these are really nice scooters ... i made one but the hardest part for me was the welding for the frame. did you arc weld or tig or mig... i also tried brazing but could not get my propane + oxy to heat the metals hot enough.

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Just from what I've heard about brazing, Oxy Acetylene would be better for a strong braze/weld. Just as a tip.

hi these scooters/kickbikes you've made are amazing !!! do you sell them i love one???

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Sorry Just build what ever my girls want this was 1st attempt same with our Viking boat's sorry but will always help if you know someone who can mig weld

Very cool, they are a lot like the push scooter I made for my son. Good work on making a set of scooters for the whole family.