Kicked Up Pimento Cheese

Introduction: Kicked Up Pimento Cheese

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 Pimento cheese is well known throughout the southern United States, there are probably as many recipes as there are refrigerators. The basic recipe is chedder cheese, mayonaise and pimento (roasted red peppers) Those of you who have read my other recipes know I have to kick up the heat so here is my version

Step 1: Lets Go Shopping

A simple line up of ingredients done to my taste. I like velvetta, a processed cheese, as well as chedder. Miricle Whip is a bit more heart friendly than mayonaise but its kind of sacrilidges in this dish. For the kicked up spice I'm using jalapeno's in adobo sauce.

 Velvetta cheese
  Chedder cheese (Im using white extra sharp)
  Jalapenos in adobo sauce
  Container with lid

Step 2: Pre Step.. Cuttiing the Cheese.......

Velvetta cheese is very soft and difficult to grate, I cut off a chunk, stick it in a plastic bag and into the freezer for about a half hour

Step 3: Watch Your Knuckles

For a very simple tool a grater can be  very dangerous to your fingertips and knuckles so be careful here unless you like blood in your food and bandages on your fingers.
 Grate your cheese or cheeses into the container your going to mix and store the cheese in, this will save on washing up

Step 4: Kick It Up

take a couple of your jalapenos and some adobo sauce, put it all on a plate or other cutting surface. Chop, slice, dice, mash or smash the peppers

Step 5: The Mix

scrape, spoon or otherwise get the peppers and sauce from the previous step into the bowl of grated cheese. Add your mayonaise or miricle whip and stir. Does it look to dry? (pic2) add more miricle whip and stir some more until it looks like pic 4

Step 6: Serve It Up

There's a lot of ways to enjoy pimento cheese, the basic but very popular spread on white bread, as a dip with dorito's, corn chips or pita crisps, on crackers or as Im doing here on lightly toasted whole grain. It also makes an awesome grilled cheese sandwich

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    5 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I like to use Miricle Whip & I add finely diced onions, gives it texture.
    Nothing is heart healthy when you pig out on the whole batch like I do!

    P.S. Now that Miricle Whip has changed their recipe, I just don't seem to enjoy my MW recipe's anymore.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    lol.. I seldom make a batch and have it last more than a day ! I agree the new recipe is really different and takes some getting used to. Ive recently started using a horseradish sauce from the dollar tree, it puts that little zing back without being overpowering


    10 years ago on Introduction

    80-90% of the cholesterol in the body is made from carbs in your body. Most of the cholesterol is thus from you, not from cholesterol in your food. This is what the Atkins diet was designed for - and it works (and has gotten AMA acceptance and approval, finally).

    So, technically, whichever one has less sugar is the heart healthy one, and the cholesterol in either is mostly irrelevant.


    10 years ago on Step 1

    I beg to differ on your comment that Miracle whip more heart friendly than Mayonnaise. Good mayonnaise will have less than 10 ingredients and you can make your own mayonnaise as opposed to Miracle Whip being something made in a science project than a kitchen.

    Mayo and Miracle whip (and if you prefer MW then it's your choice) are an acquired taste but don't put one as more healthy than the other.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    My doctor and I, may be relying on old science, however, it says right on the container that miricle whip has 0g of cholestrol making it slightly more heart friendly than even home made mayonaise, at least for those who have a cholestrol problem or family history of high cholestrol regardless of diet and medication. Many heart doctors recommend miricle whip or other "salad dressing" over mayonaise, at least the doctors my family see do. Im lucky that even under the new guidelines my cholestrol levels are only a couple points above the desired levels, my youngest brother is a different story. Even with diet, medication and exercise he has to have his blood filtered once a month. His doctors recommend miricle whip specifically.

    I agree there are few ingredients on the label that I can pronounce. Subsituting MW for mayo does change the taste of the dish but then so can just changing brands of mayo, so I agree with you there also, it is an acquired taste.

     There are times that I prefer mayonaise and home made with a good olive oil, which is also heart friendly, is my first choice, although for convenience I'll often reach for a commercially available brand.

      Thank you for your comment