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This is my balcony off of my great room.The hole in wall was a built in cabinet I built 12 years ago.12 years of collecting dust.The balcony was mostly for looks until the big boss(my wife) had a idea to turn it into usable space.

Step 1: Back of Built in Before I Removed It

This is a view from my garage upstairs looking at back of built in before I removed it.Almost all of this room is under a layover roof connecting my garage to my house.

Step 2: Building Walls

In this step I built 3 walls before cutting into living area to keep dust down

Step 3: Toy Cabinets, Insulation and Sheetrock

Here I built and installed toy cabinets.I insulated and sheetrocked also.Trying to do as much as possible before cutting out wall seperating garage and living area

Step 4: Removing Wall and Cabinet

My boys couldnt wait to grab a slugo and smash thru!

Step 5: Walls Out

The wall is out and in the dumpster.My boys had a fun time breaking thru and I had fun cleaning everything up.uggggg

Step 6: Tying in Sheetrock.

Luckily all the framing lined up and connecting sheetrock went well.

Step 7: Building Railings

I built all railings out of kd(to save $) in my garage.Did stain and poly then brought inside and installed.Even post caps are homemade from scraps.

Step 8: Ladder to Kid Kave

Ladder is also kd.2x12 rails and 2x8 steps.The ladder had alot of steps involved and took about a week to get done.Alot of time staining and applying polly.

Step 9: Railings and Ladder Are In!

Needed to install ladder to get up and down and railings for saftey.

Step 10: Finishing It Up

In this step we got the trim done and installed carpet.I used a old door for entry to garage.I used chaulkboard paint on kave side.Installed lights and some outlets with usbs built in.

Step 11: Moving In!

I finished just before Christmas.The timing was great because we had a place to put all the new toys my boys got from santa.Me and mom got a new tv and moved the old one to the kid kave.

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i want to thank anyone that voted for my still shocked my first one made it to the runner up slot.the best part was doing the project with my two young boys and showing them the e mail that said we won a prize.they were so proud of the work we did together.times like these are worth more than anything in the world to me.i also want to thank the people at instructables that made it possible to document such an event in a neat way.

First of all, your kids are ADORABLE! Second of all, my dad dosent do ANYTHING like this for me!! Once, he started making me and my bro a go kart and then he gave it away. :((

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thank you daddysgal,
they may b cute but they r a handfull

thank you, do u know anything about entering a contest? I did the entire kid kave project so I could enter the small space contest and I cant figure out how to do it.i even tried other contests and cant enter them either? I am extremly frustrated as it took me quite a while

Wish I knew. I haven't ever done a 'structable or tried to enter a contest.
Are you using the mobile app or the website? I would think the website would be easier.

thanks I think im in