Kid Trax Power Wheels 6v to 12v Upgrade




I created this instructable because I couldn't find any source on the internet where someone converted one of these from 6v to 12v. Being a typical Dad I put a 12v battery in it and it worked awesome for....45 seconds until the relay board was fried. I am sure this will work for multiple kid trax 6v units, this one was the Honda 4 wheeler atv model.

This instructable will show you how to wire in a new 12v relay on a Kid Trax Power wheel. Cost was $1.58. Do this at your own risk. The motor may burn out faster as it was sized for a 6v system.


Step 1: If You Put a 12v Battery in This Will Happen...

I assumed that these units were made to 12v specifications and they are not. This 2 channel 6v relay board is under the unit in a panel accessible by 4 screws. As you can see on the bottom of the green circuit board the wire melted and acted like a fuse. Cut this out, clipping the wires as close to the board as possible and throw out the board. I mounted my 12v battery under the front axle with some wood and zip ties.

Step 2: Buy a 2 12v Channel Relay

I found this one from Chinese girlfriend for $1.58.

Step 3: Wire It In!

On the right side of the relay board:

  • you have your + and - 12v power
  • the small blue and white wires are the "triggers" this is forward and reverse on the controller of the car.

On the left side you are building a H bridge circuit as shown in the wiring diagram

  • The big blue and white wire go to the motor (or com1 and com2)
  • when you get everything wired you will need to test reverse and forward directions to make sure you have the correct blue and white wires in the correct relay slots.
  • in the interest of time, I stripped the wire and connected a lead to make a "Y" type cable. I think took a piece of paper and cut a hole in it. I than had a can of spray plastic dip and sprayed the connection through the hole in the paper. You can see this in the photo on the red cable.
  • I have many other things going on in this 4 wheeler, so I used wire caps to tie it all together, tucked it all back in the panel and put the cover with the 4 screws back on.
  • Hopefully this will save you a lot of time, I spent too long trying to determine what made this tick.



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    5 months ago

    If you planing change power board I decided add is a picture with wire description I hope some one will find that info useful. If someone will decide keep existing board than you will need change 2 relays 15A 12VDC/125VAC Relay Switch $2 each from radio shak Catalog #: 2750031below is a link also you will need replace 2 diode 12V 15Amp
    Thank you.

    Factory relay board.jpg

    Question 5 months ago on Introduction

    We had the same problem, we changed relay 12v. But all wires Are getting hot including the circle board. When you replaced your board with new Chinese one your wires and board staying cool or still getting warm, burned wires smell? We have 2 12 v motors. The motors are getting hot too. Do you recommend to change power wires too? Thank you!

    1 answer

    Answer 5 months ago

    No wires got hot at all, no burning smell of wires whatsoever. This one only has 1 12v motor not sure if that made a difference. I did run new wires from the battery to the relay board. Everything else is stock.


    6 months ago on Step 2

    Hi.Is your ride on motors dont overheat?I did in my son quadbike 12v battery 12motor 30000rpm and replace two (solder them)6v to 12v relays on relay bord.Problem I have....I have just one wheel driving motor but after 10 min shes very very hot and burned....any Id why?

    1 reply

    Reply 6 months ago

    I fried multiple motors but, by my own doing. I did the 12v and also the 30,000 rpm and it worked great and it did get hot. Then I noticed the kids getting stuck on the lawn and they would just sit on the accelerate and dig a hole in the lawn. To fix this I cut some old bike tires and made the wheels super grippy by wrapping them around. Now when they get stuck they burn the motor out. I need to put a circuit breaker in there and get rid of the super grip tires. My neighbor put computer aluminum heat sinks on his and they hold up well.


    11 months ago

    Hi I'm following the post but I have 1 question. The wire diagram is showing using 2 but the picture you should only is using 1 ? Can you clear up the wire diagram

    1 reply

    Reply 11 months ago

    The board has 2 relay's on it- so the diagram and the photos are correct. So you would need either a 2 channel 12v relay board like shown or 2 single channel relays. Either way will work, getting 2 on the same board helps things be more compact. Let me know if it still isn't clear.


    1 year ago

    That's a fun mod, I'm sure my cousin would have loved to do this to his batmobile when we were kids!