Kid-sized Broom

Introduction: Kid-sized Broom

My 1 yr old daughter loves to play with the kitchen broom. Every time my wife or I get it out to sweep the floor, she grabs the other one and tries to help us. The only problem's way to big for her. So I decided to make her a broom that is sized for her. After thinking about what to use, I decided on two paintbrushes. You can find soft fibers and they are the perfect width to length ratio.

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Step 1: Buy/find Materials

- (2) 3" wooden handle paintbrushes
- (1) 1/2"x2' wooden dowel
- (1) 3/4"x1"x7" wood piece
- wood glue

Step 2: Cut Paintbrushes

I cut off the handle of the paintbrushes so I could glue them into a groove in the wood piece (more on that later).

Step 3: Cut Groove in Wood

I used a router to cut a 1/2" groove into the wooden piece (I cut that from scrap wood). Lay your paintbrushes side by side and measure across them to know how long to make your groove.

Step 4: Install Handle

Drill a 1/2" hole in the center of the wood piece to hold the handle. Mine was press fit, however, you may need some glue to keep it in place. I found it was better to do this BEFORE gluing in the paintbrushes because you may need to trim the corners of the paintbrushes in order to fit around the dowel.

Step 5: Install Paintbrushes

Cut the paintbrush handles off and glue them into the groove (I added some brads into the top to backup the glue due to expectation that the broom will be tossed around, banged on the floor, etc).

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! I love the effort you put into this. The finished mini broom looks perfect!