Kidproof Your IPhone

Introduction: Kidproof Your IPhone

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Would you like to keep your kids from accessing other areas of your iPhone while they are playing their favorite apps or games?

There is a setting already built in to your iPhone called "Guided Access" that can help you do so. When you enable Guided Access, it restricts the user to stay within one app and they can only navigate outside of it if they know the correct passcode. Once you enable this setting, you can go into your child's favorite app or game and activate Guided Access. This way your child can still play his or her game and can't look at your photos, email, notes, etc. You can also enable a timer which limits how long they can play a particular game. Once the timer ends it locks the phone so it cannot be used unless you know the passcode. This video demonstrates how to activate and use the Guided Access feature on an iPhone. Check it out!!

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