Kids "Carved" Pumpkin

Introduction: Kids "Carved" Pumpkin

About: I am the mother of 2 boys. I love to make things for them and the rest of my family and friends.

It was family carving night, and our 4 year old son wanted in. I bought a smaller pumpkin to be his, but I was afraid to let him touch a knife. I planned on doing his for him with a template he had picked out, but he wanted to participate more.

I drew a circle that was small enough to fit on the pumpkin and asked him to draw a face on it. He wasn't happy with the first one, so he gave it another shot. When he was done, I taped it to his pumpkin and used it like the templates that come in the books you can buy (poke holes though the paper to outline the design, then carved the pieces out).

My son is thrilled, and so am I. I think the pumpkin came out pretty close to the way he drew it. It is now on our front steps, right between my pumpkin, and my husbands. I think it fits in perfectly.  

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