Kids' Crayon Carrier




Introduction: Kids' Crayon Carrier

This is how to make a Crayon Holder. These things are super easy to make and are great for staying organized. You can just throw it in your purse or diaper bag and now worry about a mess being made all over the bottom.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


- 2 Pieces of 5" x 16.5" cotton fabric (this will be for the outside and inside)
- 1 Piece of 6" x 16.5" cotton fabric (this will be for the crayons)
- 1 Piece of 5" x 16.5" lightweight fusible interfacing
- Sewing Machine
- Pins
- Scissors
- Yards Ribbon (I used grosgrain)
- Tape measure or ruler
- Coordinating Thread

Step 2: Ironing on the Fusible Interfacing

Carefully line up the interfacing to the wrong side of the inside fabric. Iron until they stick together.

Step 3: Attaching Pocket to Inside Fabric

1. Fold the pocket fabric in half length-wise. Now, you should have a 3" x 16.5" piece of fabric folded.

2. Line up the bottom edges of the folded piece with the inside piece of fabric.

3. Pin edges to keep in place.

4. Measure 1.25" in from each side and mark w/ a straight pen or a washable marker. Next, measure from end to end (starting and ending with the 1.25" marks) every inch. Mark these as well.

5. Now, sew each inch marker from the bottom to where the pocket fabric ends on the inside fabric. Back-stitch for extra durability.

Step 4: Attaching Ribbon and Outside Piece

1. Fold ribbon in half. Pin to right side in the middle.

2. Place remaining piece (outside piece) of fabric on top of the inside piece, right sides together. Pin all the way around leaving about 3 inches to turn inside out.

3. Sew around edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Remove Pins, and turn right side out.

Step 5: Final Step!

Once it is turned right side out, top stitch all along the edges to give it a finished look, and voila! You're DONE! Isn't it cute?!

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    4 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Loving the lemon fabric. would you mind telling me the manufacturer or were you got it.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    way cool! definitely the most creative entry i've seen!

    Lance Mt.
    Lance Mt.

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I liiiiike, although i dont intend to use this for crayons, i like it. Make it into the instant classroom boredom kid and it'd be perfect quick setup.