Kids Cute Cloud Clock Tutorial

Introduction: Kids Cute Cloud Clock Tutorial

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great piece for a child's room, it's way cuter than any clock you can buy in a shop and they can be proud that they helped make it. While I wouldn't recommend you let kids loose on the whole project all the marking out painting and glueing would be in their wheelhouse. this is a great way to transform a less than stellar looking clock into something your kids will love

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

a cheap clock

a compass

a jigsaw or handsaw

clear fishing thread

grey poster paint (or black and white) and blue poster paint


Step 2: Finding the Size of the Circle

mark where to put the numbers for the clock by removing the cap on the hands and using a compass ( set the compass to slightly longer than the hour hand )

Step 3: Drawing the Shape

draw your cloud shape around the circle

Step 4: Cutting It Out

cut out your shape using a jigsaw or handsaw i would recommend putting in some relief cuts to streamline the process

should look like this

Step 5: Marking Off the Intervals

put on the clock hands and by hand move them around marking of the position

at each hour

Step 6: Painting Part 1

Paint outside the circle and allow to dry then put on the hour markers

Step 7: Painting Part 2 and Attaching the Hour Markers

the font i used for the markers can be downloaded here

attach with glue and leave to dry

then paint inside the circle

Step 8: Making Raindrops

cut out from plywood and paint using the same method raindrop shapes for under the cloud

Step 9: Final Construction

Attach to clock by putting nails in the back of the clock board and drilling holes into the raindrops tie on using clear fishing line

Step 10: Your Finished

Sit back and admire how gosh darn cute your creation is

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