Kids DIY - Ready to Launch Rocket

Kids just love planes, rockets and space crafts. So my niece and I decided to make a rocket with just simple stuff in the house.. Tissues, Paper are all that is needed.

Step 1: Get Materials Together

Chart - 2 colors of your choice


Tissue paper

Stapler (Let the Kids use it with an adults guidance)



Step 2: Make the Body of the Rocket

First cut a rectangle out of one of the chart. Was so lovely to see my niece use the scissors (Under my guidance) with her Baby fingers. Staple the sides to get a cylinder shape or you can glue it too.

Step 3: Make the Head

Take another chart and cut a smaller rectangle. bring the sides of the rectangle as shown in the picture to form two small triangles. Glue the open side. Now you get a cone.

Step 4: Paint It

Dip the tissue into the color you want and then press paint on the chart sheet. So you get a tissue effect.

Step 5: Form the Legs

Draw the shape of the Leg you want for the rocket. Cut it out. Then paint with tissue again with the color you want. Fix it to the body with glue. Add strips of paper you want to the body of the rocket. I have used green color strips around the rocket just for a contrast. You are almost ready to fly it.

Step 6: Fly It High

Glue the top to the body. Its ready to take off...



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