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I designed this for my Alias class while attending school.  The modeling was a whole lot of fun and the best part was seeing the finished model get printed to become reality. The assignment was to take an existing flashlight, and redesign the shell for it. The next step of the process, after taking apart said flashlight, was to hit the drawing board and do a bunch of sketching. This was followed by making a model in yellow foam (or butter foam, or ren if you like... basically i used really dense foam) to make a mock-up. after taking front, side, and top photos I imported them into Alias and began computer modeling. After several days working on it (as it was my first real project working with this particular program) I exported it to the 3D printer at school. While i was waiting to for it to be printed i rendered the cad model in Keyshot. Once i received the model from the printer i went to work sanding the piece so as to get rid of some of the texture. Then after some painting i wired it up, took some photos and had a working flashlight. I would love to take this design into production and make a bunch for friends and family, as well as sell them... maybe someday.



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    The foam material comes in a block it isn't printed. The yellow block is then carved, sanded, dremeled, lathed, milled , or what have you. The flashlight itself Is printed in white abs plastic.