Kids Hand Band

Introduction: Kids Hand Band

This is a very attractive hand band for kids.

This band is elliptical in shape.

This band has very attractive football pictures all around on the outer surface.

Step 1:

For making this band first enter in model workspace of autodesk fusion 360.

Then make an elliptical structure.

Step 2:

After making the ellipse click on the option of stop sketch.

Then extrude the elliptical structure by using the ribbon drop down of create.

After creating the extrude , select the upper and lower elliptical structure and use the option of shell.

Shell option is in the ribbon drop down of Modify.

After shell used, I have used fillet .

Fillet option is in the ribbon drop down of Modify.

Step 3:

After the fillet done I have entered in Render workspace of fusion 360.

In Render workspace I have changed the physical Material of band to the rubber.

Then I have added colours to the inner and outer surface of the hand band.

On the outer surface colour added is aluminium-anodized glossy red.

On the inner surface colour added is aluminium-anodized glossy biue.

Then I have added brass polished colour to the remaning surfaces of the hand band.

Step 4:

After colouring I have added decals on the hand band.

For decals I have donloaded the image of a football in my computer from internet.

I have added football all around the outer surface of hand band.

In this step I have added different views of hand band.



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