Kid's Maker Project: Light Bulb




2 minute maker project for teaching kids about light bulb, electricity and a bit about history.

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Step 1: Components

1. Leviton 125 15 Amp, 660 Watt, 125 Volt, 2-Pole, 2-Wire, Socket To Outlet Adapter

$2 on Amazon.

2. Common USB Power Adapters ( You probably already have several laying around the house)

3. Soshine Portable Mini USB Power 6 LED Night Light Lamp 1W 5V Touch Dimmer

$7 for 5 on Aliexpress or Ebay if you want faster shipment.

Step 2: Plug Everything Together

That is it. You made a light bulb. Soshine LED is touch control, You will need to touch the chip in middle of LED circuit board a few times to make it shine.

Step 3: It Is a Great Time for Some Stern Talks About Electric Safety

My went something like this:

You know electricity is very dangerous, Edison have to kill an elephant to show it. Daddy can't do that, because they are endanger species now. So let us agree on these

NO putting your finger or anything in light socket and wall outlets.

NO water or wet item on applicants.

Don't plug or unplug anything without telling an adult. Anything that requires a plug is not a toy. Not even an Ipad.

Step 4: For the More Experienced, What Other USB Powered Devices That Can Be Put in a Light Socket.

A. Wifi range extender

B. Wifi Camera

or both

D-Link Wireless Day Only Network Surveillance Camera with mydlink-Enabled & Built-in Wifi Extender (DCS-931L)

$30 on Amazon

C. Amazon Echo for the cool Star Trek Voice Command.

Or if you are a hacker/cheapskate like me just a modded old android phone for all three above.

Have fun now.

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    5 Discussions

    I'm not sure how I feel about your logic in demonstrating the dangers of electricity. It seemed to say that Edison had to electrocute an elephant to show how dangerous electricity is, and that since elephants are endangered you cannot kill one for your son to show him firsthand so he'll just have to keep his fingers away from the outlets.....

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Just crazy enough to be memorable, we are talking to 6 years old here. Logic doesn't work well on them.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    To teach kids you might be better off just getting a USB extension cable that goes into a PC or USB wall wart. It imprints the wrong message for young ones to go in grabbing inside a lamp and feel around where there is live mains voltage.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    The whole thing started when my son playing with the battery charger behind our back and blowed up the alkaline battery he putted in, disregarding all the warnings we gave him before. You can't time your lesson, kids grow their own ways. I don't want to turn this post into instructables for good parenting. But the project is my way of establish my credential for him, so he may actually listen to things I am saying.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! Thank you for sharing this great little project!