Kids Shield in Two Hours




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My son saw knight shield in supermarket and asking to buy it. But we dealt that I will make one special to him :)
My main goal was make shield in short time period (yep, to comparable with buying in the shop) I spent less then two hours (including driving to buy paints and brush) My son love Spiderman due to I decided make SpiderShield and avoid from buying wood and saw :)

Step 1: Tools and Equipment

I used Gouache but you can use something more convenient paints. Also you can use painting rollers to reach smooth surface.

For template I found in Google picture with "Shield template", vector and print on 3 A4 pages, then glue and cut by path.

For base I used sheet of foam board 3mm (like this)

Spider logo I printed from Thingiverse

Step 2: Cut Shield

Draw template and cut it with paper knife.

Step 3: Painting

Paint front side in dark blue (better two layers) and white color for back side. I made pause and glue handles and then finish with painting. In my case it was used foam board with print, you can use pure white.

Step 4: Handles

For handles I used velcro fastener tape. Staple it together and glue with glue gun. First I tried it on little piece, then tried to turn away. Looks fine and solid.

Step 5: Finish With Paint

Then I laid on second coating both sides.

Step 6:

Meanwhile 3d printer finished with spider logo. I waited a bit while paint got dry and glued logo with super-glue and pressed under heavy object for few minutes :)

P. S. Son was pretty happy.

P. P. S. Give some time to dry paints (or be ready to wash blue hand your kids)



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    Awesome! My kids would love a pair of these. I am going to have to make some.