Torn Paper Penguin Collage Arts and Crafts Project for Kids

Introduction: Torn Paper Penguin Collage Arts and Crafts Project for Kids

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Kids can get real creative making this paper penguin collage craft. It's almost like quilting; take paper, rip it apart, and glue it back together to form a scene! In making this penguin project kids will get practice with ripping, cutting, and gluing.
How to Make a Torn Paper Penguin Collage Craft Project
You will Need:
One piece of each: light blue, orange, black, and white construction paper
2 googly eyes
basic craft supplies

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Step 1:

Here are the supplies you will need to make the Paper Collage Penguin Craft Project.

Step 2:

Cut the white and black construction paper into strips. Then tear the paper into squares.

Cut out a triangle shape for the beak from the orange construction paper.

Step 3:

Place the piece of light blue paper on your work surface. This is what you will glue the paper squares on to make your paper collage penguin.

Glue on the black paper squares in an upside down "U" shape and a line near the bottom as shown.

Step 4:

Fill in the center of the black with white squares.

Glue white paper squares along the bottom of the blue paper for "snow." Tear some white squares into even smaller pieces and glue around the penguin for "snowflakes."

Step 5:

Glue the orange beak and googly eyes to complete the penguin.

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