Kids Tote_PVC and EASIER

Introduction: Kids Tote_PVC and EASIER

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This is an easier version of my tote detailed in  Builders won't need some of the woodworking tools needed in the original.

4- 1/2" PVC 90o slip elbows
1- 1/2" PVC slip T
4-1/2" PVC pipe 1-1/2" long
1-1/2" PVC pipe 4" long
1-1/2" PVC pipe 12" long
5- #10 x 3/4" Hex head sheet metal screws
2-plastic +/- 32 oz. coffee containers
Spray paint (optional)
Cyanoacrylate adhesive (aka Super Glue)

7/64" drill bit
Tape measure or ruler
Vise (not necessary but helpful)
11/32" socket
2" extension (helpful but not necessary)

The Process
Cut the PVC pipe pieces and clean up the rough ends with the file.  Assemble the handle.  Rest the assembled handle on the floor or solid surface and gently tap all the elbows to make sure the pipes are fully inserted.  Apply some adhesive to each joint of the handle.  Let fully dry.

Mark the 12" upright at 2" and 5" from the bottom end.  On the opposite side, 180o around the diameter, mark it at 1-3/4" and 4-3/4". Drill pilot holes for the screws at the marks. Mark the handle side of one container at  2" and 5" from the bottom and mark the other container at 1-3/4" and 4-3/4" from the bottom.  Drill holes for the screws at the marks.  Paint all the pieces if you want and let dry completely.  Start the screws in the pre-drilled holes in each container.  Making sure you have the correct container to match the holes in the upright, use the ratchet and socket to fully install the screws to attach the container to the upright.  Do not over tighten to strip out the PVC.    Repeat for the second container.  

Assemble the handle to the upright.  Drill a pilot hole through the handle T and the upright.  Install a screw to secure the pieces. 

Young children would this love this tote at the beach, in the sandbox or for just hauling things around.  This tote would also be useful in the garden for carrying small hand tools, gloves, and seed packets.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks like a great way to reuse those Folger's cans....I still have some of the old metal ones lying around the garage.