Killer Homemade Airsoft Guns




About: A toys boss.

A homemade airsoft gun from recycled materials but very exciting and powerful.

Step 1: Materials

1 empty dishwater bottle with the cap like this

1 empty glass cleaner with spray cap bottle

1 small plastic bottle

1 straw

Some zinc1 L-shape hook

1 circle hook

Step 2: The Handle

Cut the glass cleaner bottle to make the handle of the gun.

Step 3: The Air Tank

Bore a hole at the bottom of the small plastic bottle, glue this to the gun handle in to an airtight block.

Step 4: The Gun Barrel

Stick the straw to the dishwater bottle's cap then stick them to the hole of the plastic bottle. Remember that everything must be airtight.

Step 5: The Trigger Holder

Break the L-shape hook make a ditch at one end, then stick it to the plastic bottle lie this.

Step 6: The Trigger

Tie your zinc piece to the circle hook and bend in this shape to make the trigger for your Homemade Airsoft Toy Guns.

Step 7: Completion

Assembly the block in step5 to the main block of the homemade toy gun.
Use some ear-cleaner to make the bullets, make dangerous bullets by adding a toothpick.

Step 8: Shooting

How to play this DIY air toy gun:
- Put 1 bullet in the toy gun barrel.

- Close the yellow cap of the dishwater bottle.

- Pump the handle until the pressure in the plastic bottle high enough, again, you DIY toy gun must be airtight!

- Pull the trigger, this will suddenly open the yellow cap, the air pressure will shot your bullet away strongly.

Check out this clip to see how powerful my Killer Homemade Airsoft Gun is :>

Thanks For Reading My Instructables!



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    1 year ago

    Nice! This is just what I need, this is so OP I could just kill (not really) with this. Just, it needs more rounds (can you tell me how to make this with more rounds (like a revolver or clip)), and needles are good for the ammo

    yash 007

    2 years ago

    Thanks buddy ur an engineer friend.great


    3 years ago



    3 years ago

    My fist though was to replace the tooth picks with paperclip darts(sharpened) just cuz saftey :D


    3 years ago on Introduction

    are there instructions to this gun because i would really like to build this gun