Killer Clown

Intro: Killer Clown

Don't be fooled by innocence. This little one has a great taste for blood!

This is my Halloween Costume for this year. I wanted to do a zombie clown but I decided that a cannibal clown was more scarier than a dead one. So I went on and painted my face with white paint and did the eye detail with eye make-up. I wanted the little details to stand out so I used regular make up instead of using face paint. My look came out just the way I wanted, a hint of innocence with the face of evil. Well the only evil part is the blood on the mouth, but that's because I had a meal of human flesh and guts. Ha, just kidding; I promise you I'm not real cannibal.



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    2 years ago

    OMG! the blood looks so real. Nice job.