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The orca is a symbol of loyalty, mystery and power. It swims in the water flexibly and gracefully. The moment it jumped out of the water reminded me of the way the skateboard turned in the air, so I designed the skateboard. The skateboard is mainly in black, with white split the orca posture. When people use it to make all kinds of actions, they can not only see people's movements, but also see the posture of orcas. I also made a unique hook for this skateboard to store it.


board,aint and brush, skateboard wheel, bearing shaft, bracket, screws, wood digging tools

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Step 1: Construction of Slab Surface, Slab Head and Slab Tail

The total length of board surface, board head and board tail is 78cm, width is 20cm, height is 1cm. The board surface is a 57cm long, 20cm wide and 1cm high board, which can be made of five layers of maple board microwave cold pressing material. The plate head and the plate tail are cocked up. Pay attention to that the plate head and the plate tail are slightly higher.

Step 2: Drawing Pattern

Draw Orcas on the front and back of the skateboard.

Step 3: Excavate Suspension Groove for Suspension

After selecting the location, use the wood digging tools to dig the appropriate size of the slot.

Step 4: Assembly of Sliding Wheel

Assemble the sliding wheel, bearing shaft, bracket base, bracket main pin, bridge pin, side nut and cylinder ring together and fix them on the sliding plate symmetrically.

Step 5: Making Hook

Make a piece of wood into the shape of a killer whale fin. The hook here is 18cm high, 3.17cm long and 1.5cm wide, and the middle groove is 1cm high, 1.4cm long and 1.5cm wide. Note that the middle groove is used to block the sliding plate to prevent it from sliding. Therefore, it can adapt to the thickness of sliding plate. Nail it firmly to the wall after fabrication.

Step 6: Suspension

Step 7: Details

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    1311434073Penolopy Bulnick

    Reply 5 weeks ago

    I like the smooth lines and swimming posture of orcas, so I chose Orcas as my inspiration. I use many white dots of different sizes to form the image of Orca. White dot is not only pattern but also water flower. I hope this slightly abstract approach can bring people more imagination. Thank you for your love.