KillerK's MAGNUM




Introduction: KillerK's MAGNUM


Since KillerK would not post his MAGNUM I decided to take matters into my own hands. Plus, all these kids who don't have enough skill to build it from the pictures he's posted were begging me to. So here it is, KillerK's MAGNUM.


Step 1: The Barrel.

1.)Build these.
2.)Add these.
3.)Connect them.
4.)Begin assembling the barrel. (If you are confused about which sections you connect, refer to picture 5.)
5.)The product of step four.
6.)Connect to section from pictures 4 & 5. (If you are confused refer to picture 7.)
7.)Product of 6.
8.)What you should have.

Step 2: Barrel Connectors.

1.) Build these.

Step 3: Handle & Trigger Guard

1.)Build this.
2.)Build this.
3 & 4.)Inset 1 into 2.
5.)Product of 3 & 4.
6.)What you should have so far.
7.)Add these.
8.)Add the rest of the greens.
9.)Build these.
10.)Add them to the Handle.

Step 4: Ram & Trigger

1.)Take a normal green connector piece and cut this part off with a hammer and a screwdriver like this.
2.)Finished Product.
3.)Connect it like this.

Step 5: Putting the Rear of the Barrel Together.

1.)Put these on these things.
2.)Connect them to the end of the upperportion of the barrel like this.
3.)What you should have so far.
4.)Add the bottom portion of the barrel to the piece recently added.
5.)What you should have so far.
6.)What you should have so far.
7.)Add these to strengthen the gun.

Step 6: Putting the Front End of the Barrel Together.

1.)Connect these two things like this.
2.)add it to the front like this.
3.)Add these to the front.

Step 7: Inserting the Ram.

1.)This is what you are inserting.
2.)Create a bow in the middle of the barrel like so.
3.)This is the easiest way to insert it.
4.)This is how it should look if you did it properly.

Step 8: Add the Actual Barrel.

1.)You slide this piece into here.
2 & 3.)This is what it should look like if you did it porperly.

Step 9: Adding the Handle & Trigger.

1.)Take this piece...
2.)And connect it here...
3.)Like this.
4.)Connect the Handle.
5.)Add these little guys here.

Step 10: Adding the Rubberbands.

1.)Put one like this.
2.)Put the other like this.

Step 11: Mods

1 & 2.)These keep the "safe" out of the way.
3.)This really isn't a mod, but these are my some possibilities of KillerK's "MAGNUM Round." If you try to just shoot a normal rod, it will either fall inside the gun and jam it and possibly break your ram, or will just simply fall out. This is my solution.



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    112 Discussions

    do you need to break it to make it work???

    amazin pictures bravo!!!! wow best quality pictures of just about any knex instructable on this site!!! great job!!! also thnx for posting his magnum

    4 replies

     LOOK at my pics on my freeslinger... and yes i know they are good on the tr18 bu these pics are awesome on this gun c'mon right??

    Meh. Pretty good. Lol.

    LOOK at the really close-up picture of the turret on it, whaddayathinkofthat?!?

    i made the gun and it is AWESOME but i just want to know is there any way to add just a magazine to it? :) let me know cause i need your help :)

    add red transition rod on the orange piece for MAXIMUM DAMAGE

    what would happen if you didn't cut the green connector. BTW Love the gun =D