KillerK's Dangerous Sniper Rod Mod

Assuming you all know KillerK and his famous K'nex pistol, I have a mod for his sniper rod. It is a very dangerous dart, and seeing how he shot his sniper rod 200+ feet, this dart can go about that range.

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Step 1: Materials

What you need are:
-KillerK's sniper rod
-KillerK's gun (optional)
-Super Glue
-Needles or nails

Step 2: Breaking the Needle

Here, you are breaking the needle in about half, so the long needle doesn't bend that easily while being hammered. I found that my needles break if you take pliers and bend them. Be careful though, the needle will go flying if you don't put any cover on it. Just use a sheet of paper to cover the dangerous part of the needle.

Step 3: Hammering the Needle

Basically, in this step you are hammering the needle into the tip of the rod. Try and find the middle, mark it with a hammer or two, then hammer the rest in. I'm not sure how much you have to hammer in, but hammer in as much as you can. It is hard because K'nex is very durable, meaning the needle won't go in easily.

Step 4: Taking the Needle Out

Now that you've hammered in the needle far enough, you can take it out. Don't try and use your fingers, they'll just slip. Instead, use your pliers to ply it out. The needle might be bent, so break another needle in half.

Step 5: Super Glue That Hole!

Use your super glue to fill in that hole. After that, use your pliers to hold the needle tight. Insert the needle blunt side first into the hole and let the super glue do its work.

Step 6: Let It Dry, Pl0x

Just let it dry. To make it more stable because my needle looked like it might come off, just fill the whole top with super glue and let it dry over night. The following day, you will have a hard needle stuck in there and you will be able to shoot it at your dart or bulletin board.



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    43 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i find that simply adding one of those 90 degree red peices does the same thing and is ore durable. iv shot a white peice(2.5 CM) with a 90 degree red piece on the end and hit a pop can from about 45 feet. (* it dented but did not go through. if any one would like i will post my sniper rifle up. yes its a block trigger with a string trigger attatchment but requires no part modding or glue or tape(unless you want to go over kill an d put 300 elastics on it) please respond and tell me if i should

    6 replies

     I have tried to make a sentry crossbow with 250 bands stringing from 25 positions, it failed since 4 people couldn't pull back all the rubber bands fast enough, but when it shot, it shot 2 miles 521 feet from a 30 degree angle


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    One, that wouldn't be a crossbow, because they do not utilize rubber bands. Two, do you realize how rediculous that sounds?

    An Villain

    10 years ago on Introduction

    if you snip off the top (clicking area) you will find a hole that goes all the way down, add the needle into that.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    ohhhhh lol i really wanna make this bullet and the gun but i dont have enough pieces


    That's why I always take safety precautions and get all people behind me before I shoot. Wow, I shot one at my bulletin board with two rubber bands, but unfortunately, the needle wasn't long enough so it bounced back due to the force. _ Dangerous? Yes.

    2 replies

    oh yes..its the kind of thing i would shoot in my garage. thanks to your bike has a flat tire lol i kept the sharp end... luckily i have an extra tube