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About: Hello all! I'm Michelle, a college sophomore studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. My interests vary wildly, though, so expect to see quite the variety from me!

I have a friend who is really into My Chemical Romance. In their music video for NaNaNa  they have ray guns. I made her one for her birthday. It was a western style cap gun but I molded Shape Lock over the barrel for the look they have in the video. It was then painted with model paint in sapphire metallic and school bus yellow or something like that. The trigger still pulls, but it is nonfunctional. Use your imagination! 



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    hey can i pay you to make some more??? my friends listen to my chemical romance and i think they would really like that for their birthdays

    LOL I wish this had been up when I was making one of these! This is alot cooler then cardboard (Mine's under the title Ray-Gun prop) Very cool, nice detailing:)