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Introduction: Kimchi Relish

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I've always loved Korean food. The wonderful combinations work for me. I first tried Kimchi over 20 years ago. What I love is that it's different every time you eat it. From your own batches to others...always changing.

Lately people like Dr. Oz and others have touted the benefits of fermented foods so kimchi has gotten more attention lately..which is great. OK I've made about 6 or 7 batches over the last 5 years and have learned a lot. Personal preferences are huge and I like easy eating so I've tried chopping everything finer. Also I once tried adding julienned carrots and I loved it so that stays.


1 head of nappa or savoy cabbage - chopped to your preference

In a very large bowl or bucket soak chopped cabbage in water and 1-2 cups salt for one day

Rinse well and soak for another day in clean water

While cabbage is soaking start blending the magic in a large clean bucket

I-2 cups red pepper flakes - preferably korean

1/4 cup good quality fish sauce

3 bunches diced green onions

1 whole julienned diakon

2-5 diced garlic cloves

1 whole bunch washed chopped cilantro

SLURRY- 1 tblsp tapioca or corn starch mixed into 2 tblsp water


Toss ingredients in your clean bucket. Add rinsed cabbage and toss together. Place bucket in cool dark place for a day. NOTE: it will give a smell of cabbage. Toss mixture and let sit for another day or two.

Toss well and put in jars and refrigerate. This will taste better as time goes on. I recently moved and brought along last years was fantastic! I plan on adding some of the juice to the next batch - good bacteria transfer. YUM!

My favourite ways of eating kimchi are - 1-2/person spoonfuls in asian noodle soups and also added to raw red cabbage salad. If you order chinese food take out, add it to the rice or soup.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Have you ever heard of using shrimp paste to start the fermentation? I had a friend years ago who made Kimchi for his Korean wife and used shrimp paste... Thanks for the recipe!