Kinda 15th Century Renaissance Hat




You wanna make a floppy hat? Well, you're in luck, it's dead easy.

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Step 1: How Big Is It?

So, first, you need to measure the circumference of your (or your glamorous assistant's) head.

Step 2: How Floppy Do You Want It?

So say the head circumference measures 60cm.

You wanna make the diameter of the circle of material 3/4 of that, in this case 45cm.

If you want a super floppy hat, add another 5cm or so.

Honestly I just find the biggest circular object I own and draw around it. :D

Step 3: Big Band Theory

Remember that head circumference? Measure and mark it out on your band material and add another 5cm to ward off bad spirits. Make the width of the band about 6cm.

Now hem one side and both ends. DO IT.

Step 4: It's an Inside Job

Put the two pieces of material together, so the correct sides of the material face inwards. You heard me, you gotta make this hat inside out.

Now make a pleat by folding over a cm or so of the circle back on itself and pin it to the band, starting from one end. Now do that a hundred more times, just leave a cm or so free at the other end of the band.

Step 5: Careful of Little Pricks

Once your hat is all pinned, try it on and see if it fits. Keep it inside out or it's gonna go all 'crown of thorns'. Is it too big? Add more pleats and fold over the leftover band. Too small? Shit son, you'll need to cut a longer band and do it all again.

Step 6: Sew You Got to the End...

Now sew it, sew it real good. Remember to sew the ends of the bands together too.

To stop any loose threads appearing round the edge of the band, it's worth hemming it again, which will also make it a little snugger.




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    Awesome hat. I need to make one of these before next ren faire season.