Kinder Surprise of Love

Hi we're Samy and Moro and here we share a very cool Kinder SUrprise for Valentine's Day

It has inside a love note , some candy (M&M's would be great) and outside it is coverred with coloured chocolate and it has a heart of chocolate and best of all it is simple to make! Hope you like this idea!

You can check the video if you have doubts!

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Step 1: Cut the Kinder Eggs

You can use a cutter or Xacto Knife. Then put them in the freezer.

Step 2: Cover One Half of the Egg

Use melted white chocolate to cover one half. Cover it with 2 or 3 layer of chocolate and put it in the freezer

Step 3: Cover the Other Half of the Egg Surprise

Here use a different color like pink or blue even yellow or green would look great! And put it back into the freezer

Step 4: Make a Chocoloate Heart

Using melted chocolate and one heart shaped cookie cutter make a heart, then freeze it a little

Step 5: Make a Little Love Note

Make a little love note, make sure it is 4 cm width .

Then make it like a roll and use a small elastic band to keep it rolled.

Step 6: Clean the Edges of the Halves of Egg

Use the knife to make them nice and smooth

Step 7: Add the Surprise !

In one half of the egg put inside some candy and add the Love Note.

Now using chocolate seal the egg. You might want to join a white half with a coloured half. Put it on the freezer to seal well.

Step 8: Add a Heart

Paste the chocolate heart with melted chocolate.

Step 9: Create a Base for the Egg

Using chocolate make a base. Put the egg and wait a little. Put it on the freezer

Step 10: Done!!!!

And that's it. You have a very unique and cool present and also delicious!

Kinder Egg Surprise with a love note, candy, a heart of chocolate and best of all really easy to make .

Hope you like it friends!

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