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Introduction: Kinder Surprise Bomb

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This is an experiment I loved doing when I was younger, it is also a great prank that might scare your friends.

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Materials

For this project you will need:

1) Kinder surprise enclosure.

2) Baking soda

3) Vinegar (I putted it in a test tubes cause i didn't want to take the whole bottle outside).

Step 3: The Thing

Pour some vinegar into the small half of the box, put some baking soda into the other one.

Now this must be done quickly, close it then put it where you want the explosion to be and run away a few meters, in a few seconds you'll see the results.

This could be done over and over using the same container.

Step 4: About Safety

This could be a nice prank but make sure you don't hurt anyone. Also this experiment makes mess so make sure you don't do it inside (like I did once) unless mess is your goal.

Step 5: Science!

The reaction here is the same as the candle project.

1 NaHCO3 + 1 HC2H3O2 → 1 CO2 + 1 H2O + 1 NaC2H3O2
The reaction between the soda and vinegar is acid-base reaction that in this case one of the products is CO2. The production of gas inside the container creates pressure, that's because gas is less compressed than liquid and solid (another reason is that the reactors has 2 moles and the products has 3, an increase in moles number also creates pressure). The pressure is getting higher until the container can't take it and KABOOM!!!

Step 6: That's It

That's it for this project, make sure you stay safe.

Hope you enjoyed this one, if you did please vote :}

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I have kinder surprise! Weren't they, like banned somewhere? I don't care, this is awesome!


    Reply 5 years ago

    I haven't heard of it but it is harder to find those today..