Kindle Cover From DVD Case

Introduction: Kindle Cover From DVD Case

The Kindle is a great device, to be able to have hundreds of books accessable whilst on the move.

But it is easy to damage these devices, so I've made a cover using a DVD case and a knife.

This is my first Instructable, so please be gentle :-)

As you are using a knife, please concentrate on what you are doing. I will not be held responsible for any chopped off fingers.

Step 1: Prepare the Case

We will use the cases document holder clips(as shown of the left) to hold the Kindle.

These will protude too much when the kindle is underneath, so approx 1 cm needs to be cut off the end of both clips

Step 2: Make a Slot for the USB and Power Button.

Cut a slot in the bottom edge of the case, so you can attach the USB lead and turn on and off the Kindle without having to remove from the case.

The photo doesn't make this too clear.

Step 3: Add an Outside Cover

Add an outside cover if you wish.
The CD / DVD holder is still functionable, so you can store even more books if required.

Your kindle is now nice and safe.
Happy travels

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