Kindle Cover



 I got an Amazon Kindle for my birthday so I went shopping for a cover. Most covers are $29 (or more) plus tax and shipping and I just didn't want to spend that much, so I decided to make one for myself. My cover only cost $10.59.


I got all the materials from Joann Fabric

Faux Ostrich Leather

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Step 1: Cut the Material

 Cut the material about two inches wider and two inches longer than whatever you want to put inside. I used my Kindle as a template and left an inch on each side. Fold the padding in half and sew the sides. Fold the edges of the ostrich skin inward and sew each side. This gives a clean look at the sides. After the side are sewn, put the foam padding sleeve inside. Fold the top hem of the ostrich skin so that it covers the foam padding and sew them together. After the top hem and padding are sewn together, turn the cover inside-out and sew on the zipper. 

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