Kindle Fire HD Cover

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Step 1: Gather Materials 
You will need
duck tape of your choice
old jeans
hot glue
kindle fire


Step 1: Step 2

Measure it Out

For this step you will need the kindle, card board, scissors, and ruler. You will have to measure out  the card board about an inch more than your kindle. Than you also want it two times bigger so it is about a foot wide. Than cut it out and fold it so it truly looks like a book.

Step 2: Step 3

Measure the Jeans: 

Next you want to measure the jeans so its as big as the card board for the outside only, the cut out.
Next, if you want, you can cut out both pockets. One for the outside and one to hold your Kindle inside. (Note-make sure the pocket is big enough to hold your Kindle. I had to use my dads jeans)

Step 3: Step 4

Add duck tape:

I used duck tape to attach the jeans to the cardboard around the edges.
Then I used duck tape to finish the inside of the Kindle Cover.

Step 4: Step 5

Finishing steps: 

On the inside I hot glued one of the pockets to hold my kindle.
One the outside I hot glued another pocket for fun!
I used part of the jeans seam material to make a closing strap, hot glue it to the back and used sticky velcro to attached to front, so you can open and close it.

Then you may decorate anyway you want.  I used a little more duck tape to show my MSU spirit!!

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