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Introduction: Kindle Hard Cover

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Inspired by the many eReader covers and cases on here, I've decided to give it my own little spin.  I felt a little bad about massacring poor Konrad Lorenz' King Solomon's Ring.  But it had a cool little mouse on the cover and just sold it for me.   I am pretty proud with how it turned out, it's a little messy in places but I only need impress myself :)



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    you know what, this woud make a REALLY good step by step instructable... Just having lots of pictures doesn't explain what you have used how you have used it and what the benefits are etc...

    I would love to see this as a complete i'ble

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    Thanks for the feedback, Biggsy! Yeah, that was my plan, however when I was making it I missed a few steps and then thought there were lots of these already on here so. But, these aren't all my photos, I shall revise it as a step-by-step instructable this weekend! I'll let you know when it's up! :)

    What i generally do, if i don't have pictures is whip something up in paint... Just depends how arty you are i guess